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Nothing changes. Everything changes.

Art of the Italian charcuterie tradition
Our creationsOur inspiration

The creations of Opificio 1899 bring the art of Italian charcuterie back to life.

An age of change, it brings to mind authentic ingredients and the true significance of practices such as curing, binding, marinating and slow cooking.

Evocations of the early 1900s are like an enduring memory of the flavours that have remained unaltered in the heart of our family.

Because what defines quality is timeless and has no limits:

it is in the realm of the infinite.


With Opificio 1899 we wanted to give history a voice once more, using the flavours of that time as our inspiration, but with recipes that foster the taste of a good, genuine and contemporary diet.

We wanted our high-quality meats, techniques and the simplicity of our spices and flavours to speak for themselves.

We have reduced salt content without compromising the taste.

We have completely removed all artificial preservatives without compromising the safety of our products. We have brought every authentic flavour to the fore, without seeking shortcuts.