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Our creations

We have cut out all that is unnecessary to capture the essence of quality.
Bound by hand

100% Italian meat

100% natural flavourings

Gluten free

Glutamate free

Dairy free

Lactose free

No artifical flavourings

No chemical preservatives

No added polyphosphates

No soy protein

No starch

Each step in the process is an art. The binding for our Cooked Thigh for example only uses natural flax or hemp string. These are timeless practices where our hands are once more at the heart of a production process rooted in ancient knowledge. In what seems like no time at all, we have left industrial automation behind and returned to the touch of our fingers.
We have been guided by simplicity - ironically, the hardest path to follow. One principle was clear: cut out all unnecessary processing of the meat. In this way, we preserve its authenticity, ensure its texture remains pleasant on the palate and its aromas are set free with every mouthful.
Know-how that is not easily learned, refined to the point of excellence with Opificio 1899. A new beginning where nothing has changed but, at the same time, everything has changed. Know-how that distinguishes real charcuterie makers.